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Traveyond is known to provide the absolute best in luxury accommodation along with other services. This is all possible through the exclusive confidences and addresses that we have and maintain. With our company, you can take advantage of all the best offers and deals from our partners, which are all designed to give you comfort and serenity. Additionally, we rent, buy, and offer lease options. As well as manage all the formalities that are required for your requests.


Traveyond specializes in providing clients with exclusive shopping experiences, at some of the most iconic fashion houses in Paris. Renowned for their fashion houses and boutiques. Whether it's a private appointment at Dior or Chanel, access to limited edition collections, or unique fashion finds. Our company ensures that clients have access to the very best shopping experiences. Furthermore, we also can company you in finding classy fashion items, that suit your style, whether you're searching for discounts, rare items, or limited products.


Paris is renowned for its rich culture and lively nightlife, and Traveyond's leisure activities are carefully selected to help clients experience the best of the city. With options such as a private museum, tours, and wine tastings at châteaux outside of Paris.
Traveyond curates unforgettable experiences that showcase the city's beauty and heritage. Their dedication to providing exceptional leisure activities, ensures that every moment spent in Paris is both memorable and enriching.


Traveyond's transportation services prioritize the comfort, safety, and convenience of our clients. Our fleet of luxury vehicles, including limousines, SUVs, and executive vans, offers a range of options to fit any need. Whether you require an airport transfer, or a sightseeing tour around Paris, Traveyond guarantees that you will travel in style and comfort. Our commitment to providing exceptional transportation experiences ensures that every client is satisfied with their journey.

an unforgettable experience

We work hard day after day to bring the best solution, experience, and satisfaction to our clients, we make them live their dreams and believe that nothing is impossible.

We make dreams come true


Our company values your wellness. To ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed, we have made sure to have quality professionals in our vicinity. Additionally, our company has made partnerships with all the best wellness experts to make sure of that. These experts include the best coaches, the most popular spas, and the most sought-after beauty and hairdressing salons. Ultimately, all of this is because your wellness is our top priority.

Restaurants & clubs

If you are searching for the perfect dining experience with your friends, featuring incredible cuisine and a great atmosphere, let us help you. Specifically, we can bring you the best quality dining locations in your area. Moreover, you can simply tell us your preferences, and we'll book for you the best place where you will be treated like a VIP.

a la carte services

A lot of customers prefer to customize their trips. Whether from choosing the hotel or even the room, the design of it or even the color, the furniture, or the light. Everything is possible, that’s the success of our company.

Traveling by private jet, taking a first-class train, or even traveling with a fancy car, we can manage all this in the best way possible to satisfy our customers.

Our dedicated VIP team is working 24/7 to answer all requests from all over the world.

Make your decision about your trip and we will do everything from door to door, this is how Traveyond works.