About Us

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Who we are

At Traveyond, we are a group of people focused intently on helping clients achieve their wants and needs with efficiency and quality. Our team is experienced in the contemporary culture of concierge service and devoted to delivering the utmost in luxury assistance to our clients. We care deeply about each one of our clients and want to bring them the best this business has to offer. Our belief is that our clientele is what makes us who we are, so our goal is to achieve absolute satisfaction from everyone.



Our Mission

The team at Traveyond strives to bring you excellence and extravagance. We want to help you ease away from the tension and burden of everyday life and take a load off by allowing us to lift it from your shoulders. Our goal and vision lies in allowing our clients to trust we will take care of them completely and efficiently. We prioritize the safety of our clients and their possessions and go above and beyond to protect what we are entrusted with.

We desire to enable our clientele to experience a plethora of options and the flexibility of an unlimited schedule in which to assist them.

Our Vision

From the beginning, the goal for Traveyond has always been to enrich the lives of people just like you by granting the ability and option to allow us to take care of tasks and objectives. We desire to bring you prompt and valuable service with professional dispositions and knowledgeable decisions. Our concierge experts have devoted their lives to providing an elite personalized service to you, our clients.

We continue to guarantee satisfaction on an entire and absolute level of perfection, and we desire for you to expect no less.

Our story

Company History

Our passion for the concierge services has naturally led us to create Traveyond  to provide elite service with our vision correlation of the profession. Our goal is to meet all the demands of our customers by developing a bespoke project. Our offices are located in Paris and New York, we are able to work with all types of customers and, regardless of nationality. Our network, developed over 10 years and constantly expanding, provides exceptional quality and reliability of our services. We pay special attention in the development of a relationship of trust with our customers. Our concierges are acutely aware of their work and consider each customer as privileged.